4 qt Square Stainless Chafer w/ Wrought Iron Base for Rent

Wrought Iron Stainless Chafer (4 qt Square) for Rent


$28.99 / day

Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions 17.25" L x 12.75" W x 16" H
Capacity 4 Quart
Cover Type Lift-Off
Color Silver
Shape Square

For a smaller brunch or special gathering that requires a place to keep food choices warm, this chafer is a smart option. The stainless construction offers a shiny and elegant appearance, and the black wrought iron stand adds a decorative touch. The two handles make it easy to move around your buffet line as well. Thanks to the sturdy design, you will never have to worry that this piece will fall or spill over.

  • Mirror finish stainless steel
  • Black wrought iron stand with decorative swirled legs
  • Utensil holder on side for serving spoons
  • Two handles for easy moving
Included accessories:
  • (1) chafing food insert pan - 4 Quart square
  • (1) water pan
  • (2) 7 oz sterno chafing fuel


  • Fill the chafer’s water pan with hot water (1" water level)
  • Pry open the lid of the canned-fuel (sterno) container and place container in heat cup
  • Check water pan during chafer use every two hours and add water as needed to maintain sufficient water level



  • Do not use anything but Sterno type fuel in the burner field
  • Never light the burner unit before putting water into the Water Pan
  • Do not put unit on a hot stove or an open flame
  • Stainless steel Insert Pans can be used for cooking (they can also be placed in the oven to keep food hot)