75 Cup Silver Coffee Urn for Rent

Silver Coffee Urn (75 Cup) for Rent


$49.99 / day

Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions 12" W x 12" D x 21" H
Service 75 Cups (4.5 oz. each)
Color Silver
Shape Trophy

When you are planning an upscale event that requires elegant serving pieces, consider this silver coffee urn. The shiny finish will bring class to your beverage service. The ornate design is quite attractive and brings glamour and vintage flair to your gathering. Thanks to its large capacity, you will be able to serve up to 75 cups per fill. The large handles make it easy to carry as well. When you want to have a beautiful centerpiece at your service table, this urn will be perfect.

  • Silver plated
  • Large handles for easy carry


  • Fill the Urn with hot water/coffee
  • Pry open the lid of the canned-fuel (sterno) container and place container in heat cup
  • Add water/coffee as needed to maintain sufficient level



  • Do not use anything but Sterno type fuel in the burner field
  • Never light the burner unit before fill in water/coffee