Red Wine Glass for Rent

Red Wine Glass (10.5 oz) for Rent


$0.74 / day

Material Glass
Capacity 10.5 oz
Rim shape Round
Color Clear
Height 7.5"
Rim diameter 3.25"
Body diameter 3.5"
Base diameter 3.25"

Using the proper glasses makes it is possible for a beverage's richness to emerge so that your guests enjoy enhanced tasting experiences. When you are serving red wine, you want to present it in a sophisticated manner. Our "Vino Balloon" glasses will impress your guests and make your wine appear elegant. Their simple design is classic and brings an upscale feel to your celebration. Their deep bowls provide plenty of space for air to circulate and release delicious flavors. Their clear glass accentuates the colors of your premium selections as well. The "Finedge" rims contain small beads, which keep chipping to a minimum and uphold style. Their bottoms are stable so that they rest nicely on trays and tabletops. Your servers will not have to worry about spills, and your guests will be able to avoid topples.

  • Chip-resistant rim
  • Deep round bowl to release aromas and flavors
  • Crystal-clear clarity