5 qt Round Wood Handle Stainless Chafer for Rent

Wood Handle Stainless Chafer Round - 5 qt for Rent


$24.65 / day

Material 18/8 Stainless Steel
Dimensions 17" L x 13.5" W x 16" H
Capacity 5 Quart
Cover Type Lift-Off
Color Silver
Shape Round

No matter if you are hosting a wedding reception, brunch, or dinner party, this chafer will offer elegance and a functional way to keep your food warm. The sterno heat means that you do not need access to electrical outlets, and the round shape and large size means that each piece will hold a great deal of food. The mirror-like finish provides a classic look that enhances the appearance of your display, especially in a venue filled with bright ambient lighting. The wood handles are sturdy and will not burn your hands during transport. Whether you are serving soup, stew, or another entree, this chafer is sure to get the job done.

  • Mirror finish
  • Wood handles
Included accessories:
  • (1) chafing food insert pan - 5 Quart round
  • (1) water pan
  • (2) 7 oz sterno chafing fuel


  • Fill the chafer’s water pan with hot water (1" water level)
  • Pry open the lid of the canned-fuel (sterno) container and place container in heat cup
  • Check water pan during chafer use every two hours and add water as needed to maintain sufficient water level



  • Do not use anything but Sterno type fuel in the burner field
  • Never light the burner unit before putting water into the Water Pan
  • Do not put unit on a hot stove or an open flame
  • Stainless steel Insert Pans can be used for cooking (they can also be placed in the oven to keep food hot)