Cooking Equipment Rentals

Charcoal Grill
$149.99 / day
Microwave Oven
$58.70 / day
Toaster Oven
$39.99 / day
Proofing Cabinet
$99.99 / day
Baker Rack
$55.99 / day
Proofing Tray
$2.94 / day
Stainless Wok (14")
$28.17 / day
Stock Pot
$19.37 / day
Steam Basket (60 qt)
$28.77 / day
Bamboo Steamer
$14.99 / day
Bar Blender (48 oz)
$48.99 / day
Glass Bowl
$2.64 / day
White Ramekin Bowl
$1.77 / day
Dish Towel
$0.90 / day
Wooden Spoon (12")
$2.64 / day
Disher (2 oz)
$4.69 / day
Butane Fuel
$9.38 / day
Cotton Candy Machine
$117.41 / day

When your caterer requires commercial cooking equipment to prepare big batches of food for your next celebration, we have a wide assortment of appliances that will help. Our inventory includes everything you need to host a successful event. For instance, you can choose the perfect grill, oven, freezer, hot box, or proofing cabinet. For indoor affairs, we have all types of stoves and burners. No matter the space you have to prepare a delicious meal, we have the appliances that make it simple to cook large amounts of food fast so that guests remain satisfied. When it comes to deserts, beverages, and other items that must be kept cold, we have many refrigerators and freezers for rent as well. With our propane units, outdoor events are never a problem. Get ready to grill for a crowd or cook an intimate dinner at your special occasion. For a buffet-style event, we have products that will keep your food warm during service. Peruse our generous selection of cooking equipment rentals and choose the appliances that will bring your NYC party to the next level!