Concession Equipment Rentals

Is your organization hosting a small or large-scale carnival? If so, it is vital to create the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor event. You will need to rent a variety of equipment, including food carts, machines, and accessories. Our inventory is filled with the items you will need to create an entertaining venue. We offer hot dog stands, ice cream carts, and many more pieces that will raise the level of excitement at your exterior gathering. Hot dogs are standards at any carnival or fair. Our stainless steel carts hold large amounts of food and have umbrellas that protect workers. The sternos will cook hot dogs and keep them warm. Other popular items are popcorn carts and poppers. Whether you plan on making the popcorn prior to the event or want to prepare it fresh, our equipment will oblige. For an extra fee, you can purchase kernels, oil, and serving bags. To ease the summer heat, consider renting ice cream carts and sno-cone machines. Each cart holds up to 50 pre-packaged frozen treats, and the sno-cone machines come with all the necessary accessories, including paper cones and syrup. To complete the decor, we offer linens and tables as well. Peruse our inventory of equipment and rent the items that will make your iconic festival foods taste even better.