Event Accessory Rentals

Patio Heater
$147.94 / day
Mahogany Podium
$129.15 / day
White Podium
$129.15 / day
Acrylic Podium
$140.10 / day
Power Strip
$11.73 / day
Extension Cord
$29.34 / day
Cable Cover Ramp
$35.22 / day
$8.21 / day
Weight Stack
$34.99 / day
Steel Barricade
$49.99 / day
White Birch Arch
$88.06 / day
A Frame Ladder Stand
$108.75 / day
Artificial Hedge
$116.75 / day
Umbrella Base
$14.68 / day
Blue Tarp
$19.95 / day
Bungee Cord
$9.99 / day
Step Ladder
$16.99 / day
$14.68 / day
Hand Truck
$46.96 / day
Flatbed Cart
$105.67 / day
Pallet Jack
$187.87 / day
Gold Stanchion Pole
$15.25 / day

Hosting an event can be stressful. You want to make sure that your guests remain comfortable and feel welcome. In order to be successful, you need to rent items that will help you prepare your venue and keep it functional throughout your party, meeting, or other type of gathering. For example, if you are hosting an outdoor celebration, it is crucial to consider the exterior conditions. If you are planning an evening event, you may wish to have a source of heat. Our patio heaters will take the chill from the air. If you will be hosting an afternoon party, our tents and umbrellas will shelter your guests from the sun. To make sure that all of your supplies are in place, our dollies and hand carts will make it easy to move your equipment, food, and decorations. If you require a source of electricity, our generator will provide the power that you need. For an office meeting or seminar, you may wish to rent supplies, including our podium, chalk/marker board, or easel. No matter where your event will occur, Party Rentals has what you need. Peruse our inventory and choose the pieces that will make your gathering a success.