Barware Rentals

Monroe Bar
$232.81 / day
Barn Wood Bar
$232.81 / day
Chalk Board Bar
$232.81 / day
Hedge Bar (6')
$232.81 / day
Black Wood Bar
$111.34 / day
Wine Barrel Bar
$212.57 / day
Bar Back - Monroe
$75.91 / day
Bar Back - Black
$75.91 / day
Glass Rimmer
$17.84 / day
Cocktail Shaker
$10.49 / day
$4.72 / day
Bar Spoon (11")
$1.99 / day
Bar Blender (48 oz)
$48.99 / day
Black Bussing Tub
$4.69 / day
Carpet Mat - 5' x 3'
$14.08 / day
Plastic Tub Strainer
$13.50 / day
Ice Cooler (150 qt)
$29.34 / day
Ice Cooler (120 qt)
$22.99 / day
Ice Cooler (48 qt)
$14.99 / day
Ice Bucket Stand
$12.33 / day

When you are hosting an event, you are pulled in a number of directions. This makes it difficult to plan a meal. Running a bar takes even more energy. You will need specialized equipment and accessories so that everything goes off without a hitch. Since this type of equipment is expensive and is not commonly used on an everyday basis, it makes sense to rent it for a special celebration. At Party Rentals, we have a large variety of barware so that all your needs are met. We understand that you must keep your guests engaged and entertained. Some of the pieces that will be required include a bar station, glasses, and certain utensils. To prepare all sort of libations, you will want ice containers, strainers, and spoons as well. Depending on your event, you may wish to have juice dispensers or martini pitchers on hand. A party will enter the next level when there is a functional and fun bar setup. When you want to give your guests a great experience, we have you covered. Peruse our inventory and choose all of the bar fixtures and accessories that will make your next NYC party a success.