Platters & Trays Rentals

Silver Round Tray
$12.34 / day
Lacquer Tray - Round
$18.78 / day

'A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.' This can be said for many things in life, including your dinner party. There is no more awkward a sight than a dressed up waiter, decorative plates, beautiful and tasteful food, but a less than stellar tray that guests scoff at. You strive for weeks or months planning a perfect event, but your guests are less than impressed, let down by the lack of attention to detail. Ensure that this does not happen by purchasing one of a various selections of trays today. We offer 4 basic types: wood, silver, lacquer, and tasting. Each style comes in multiple sizes, and some in different colors. Wooden trays are made of either Acacia, Driftwood, or Graphite. There is also a salmon shaped wooden tray for a very elegant presentation. The silver trays can be made of 3 different types of materials: Aluminum, Ebony Silver, and Hammered Silver. The lacquer trays come in Red and Black, and in square or oval shapes. Seven options make up our tasting tray selection, coming in white or wood, large platters or individual plates. Don't skip the details. These trays are great for passing Hors d'oeuvres.