Portable Bar Rentals

Monroe Bar
$236.89 / day
Barn Wood Bar
$236.89 / day
Chalk Board Bar
$236.89 / day
Black Wood Bar
$113.29 / day
Wine Barrel Bar
$216.29 / day
Martini Bar
$164.79 / day
Bar Back - Monroe
$77.24 / day
Bar Back - Black
$77.24 / day

For your next NYC event, what is better than having a portable bar ready to serve your guests? We understand your needs and offer a wide variety of options. Each piece that we have for rent is available in a range of colors and is fully mobile. This means that you will easily be able to assemble and breakdown the unit for your celebration. When you need a space for your drinks, renting a portable bar is a smart idea. This unit will be the centerpiece of your party. Guests will have a place to hang out, grab a refreshment, and escape from the excitement. Since most people do not own something that can be easily moved from home to venue, renting one of these bars is extremely convenient. You will add function to your event without having to worry about transporting a bulky piece of furniture.