Bowl Rentals

White China Bowl
$5.86 / day
White Ramekin Bowl
$1.77 / day
White Roasting Dish
$16.43 / day
Glass V Bowl
$4.69 / day
Glass Bowl
$2.64 / day
Silver Revere Bowl
$4.69 / day

No matter the event, you want your party or celebration to be memorable. Paying attention to the details is essential. To maintain beautiful tables, all of your dinnerware should be pleasing to your guests' eyes, including your bowls. Since most individuals do not own a decent set, you may consider renting items that will be functional and will add to your decor. Our inventory is filled with bowls crafted from an assortment of glass, porcelain, silver, and other materials. If you are serving hors d'oeuvres like shrimp or oysters, you will want your guests to have bowls ready when it is time to discard the seafood's tails and shells. Bowls conveniently hold dips and salads as well. If you will have a buffet, you will want a collection of bowls for your guests as they move down the line. At your refreshment table, you should consider having a punch bowl. For added convenience, this large item can be used to hold bulk snacks or candy as well. Bowls with intricate embellishments are perfect for centerpieces. Take a closer look at our selection and choose the items that will work best for your NYC party.