Bar Stool Rentals

If you're planning on having a bar at your event, you should rent some bar stools so people can sit and have a good time. Bar stools are a specialized type of furniture that are only rightly used in one circumstance - when your guests want to enjoy drinks and maybe light snacks while chatting with old friends or new acquaintances. The types of events that call for a bar are varied and numerous, but some suggestions include weddings, professional functions, sports gatherings, holiday parties, dances and other happening social events. A good rule of thumb is, if you want people to drink alcohol at your event and if it is going to last at least two hours, you should consider having a bar with some bar stools. Bar stools are unique in that they are easy to sit in, easy to get up from, and allow for convenient one-on-one socializing with people on either side of you. For instance, you're planning a singles event, a bar with bar stools is a must. Some of our pieces are more elegant, others have a bit more pizzazz, while still others are more low-key. From classy Chiavari furniture to stunning Kartell "ghost" pieces and more, we have bar stools made from both metal and wood in every price range. A bar may be the centerpiece for your event or it may be a corner to get away from the buzz of the party, but it is always important to rent the best stools you can get.