Food Service Cookware Rentals

Stainless Wok (14")
$28.17 / day
Proofing Tray
$2.94 / day
Stock Pot
$19.37 / day
Steam Basket (60 qt)
$28.77 / day
Bamboo Steamer
$14.99 / day
Bar Blender (48 oz)
$48.99 / day
Glass Bowl
$2.64 / day
White Ramekin Bowl
$1.77 / day
Dish Towel
$0.90 / day
Wooden Spoon (12")
$2.64 / day
Disher (2 oz)
$4.69 / day

Equipment used for serving, preparing, and cooking food is often overlooked. However, it plays an essential role in making an event successful. Even if you plan a dynamite menu, it is necessary to have the proper tools to execute the recipes. It is even more important when your celebration includes a large amount of guests. We offer numerous items that help you prepare and serve dishes in a hygienic and timely manner. You can rent a variety of cutting boards or more extensive carving station essentials, which include lamps and trays. Also, we have a large selection of pans, woks, pots, and steamers. No matter the food on your menu, we have the supplies needed to make your gathering a success. Besides cookware for food, we have kettles available for beverage preparation as well. Peruse our inventory and choose the items you need for your kitchen today.