Flooring & Staging Rentals

Stage (4' x 4')
$28.99 / day
Stage (8' x 4')
$52.99 / day
Bil Jax Stage Steps
$39.85 / day
Gold Stanchion Pole
$15.25 / day
Black Stanchion Pole
$12.90 / day
Steel Barricade
$49.99 / day
A Frame Ladder Stand
$108.75 / day
Artificial Hedge
$116.75 / day
White Birch Arch
$88.06 / day
Z Coat Rack
$23.47 / day
Coat Check Tickets
$11.73 / day
Drape Hamper
$104.50 / day
The way that your venue is staged can make or break your event. At Party Rentals, we have a wide range of items that can be used to create a fun and inviting atmosphere. From the time your guests arrive, you want them to feel comfortable, which includes having a place to hang their coats. Our convenient racks are sturdy, which means that they will hold many items. Also, the racks have wheels so that they can be moved to a discrete location, which is away from the action. If you want your guests to cut a rug, our dance floors will be of interest. For a conference event, you may prefer to rent a stage or platform that will be the center of attention. To keep the room organized and welcoming, we have drapes and room dividers available as well. They work best to keep the food separate from the rest of the party or to create an ornate backdrop. Our pipe and drape combinations are especially popular for trade shows and wedding receptions. No matter the occasion, we have something that will complement your next NYC event.