Delivery Fee

We can deliver the day before event and pick-up next business day.
Standard delivery based on round trip and includes pick-up (ground level and/or first floor only).
Special delivery or pick-up based on one way trip.
Ancillary fee will be added for set-up of chairs and tables and delivery to upper floor.


Standard Delivery
Service area Delivery Pick-up Fee
NYC (5 boroughs) Mon-Fri (9am-1pm) Mon-Fri (12pm-4pm) $TBD
Long Island Mon-Fri (9am-1pm) Mon-Fri (12pm-4pm) $TBD
Westchester Mon-Fri (9am-1pm) Mon-Fri (12pm-4pm) $TBD
Northern New Jersey Mon-Fri (9am-1pm) Mon-Fri (12pm-4pm) $TBD
Special Delivery or Pick-up
NYC (5 boroughs) only Delivery Pick-up Fee
1-hour window Mon-Fri (9am-4pm) Mon-Fri (9am-4pm) $TBD
After-hours Mon-Fri (5pm-9am) Mon-Fri (5pm-9am) $TBD
Weekend Sat-Sun (9am-4pm) Sat-Sun (9am-4pm) $TBD
Ancillary Fee
Service Unit Fee
2nd/upper floor delivery per flight $TBD
Set-up of chairs and tables per item $TBD