Royal Oak Charcoal for Rent

Oak Charcoal Bag (17.6 lb) for Rent


$21.99 / day

Material Charcoal
Bag size 17.6 lb
Wood type Oak

For your next barbecue feast, a bag of Royal Oak lump charcoal will make the event a success. To achieve the smoky flavor guests desire, this charcoal lights and reaches high temperatures quickly. As food hits the plates, all items will have a delicious taste. When you do not want chemicals or toxic substances associated with your food, Oak Charcoal is the brand to use. All pieces are made from renewable wood, so you know your grilled items will remain pure and free of unwanted additives.

  • 100% natural wood lump charcoal
  • Does not contain chemicals or additives
  • Produces a pleasing smoky taste
  • Burns clean with little ash

Requires charcoal lighter fluid (not Included)