Crushes Shimmer Napkin for Rent

Crushes Shimmer Dinner Napkin for Rent


$1.25 / day

White White
Ivory Ivory
Champagne Gold Champagne
Beige Beige
Moss Moss
Sage Maize Sage Maize
Lime Lime
Turquoise Gold Turquoise Gold
Royal Royal
Purple Black Purple Black
Violet Gold Violet Gold
Blush Pink Blush Pink
Watermelon Watermelon
Burgundy Black Burgundy Black
Red Red
Orange Gold Orange Gold
Copper Black Copper Black
Black Black
Silver Black Silver Black
Grey Grey
Fabric Crushes Shimmer
Size 22" x 22"

When you want a touch of mystique on your tables, our "Crushes Shimmer Napkins" are ideal. The fabric will shine in the light and leave your guests in awe. Our color selection is filled with beautiful shades that will accent your other pieces. For matching appeal, select our "Crushed Shimmer Tablecloths" as well.