Faux Dupioni Napkin for Rent

Faux Dupioni Dinner Napkin for Rent


$1.97 / day

White White
Ivory Ivory
Cognac Caprice Cognac Caprice
Khaki Khaki
Gold Gold
Vapor Vapor
Lemon Lemon
Orange Orange
Burnt Orange Burnt Orange
Copper Copper
Brown Brown
Light Pink Light Pink
Coral Coral
Red Red
Burgundy Burgundy
Magenta Magenta
Lilac Lilac
Purple Purple
Grey Grey
Silver Silver
Sage Sage
Apple Apple
Green Chartreuse
Hunter Hunter
Olive Olive
Turquoise Turquoise
Royal Royal
Navy Navy
Slate Slate
Platinum Platinum
Black Black
Fabric Faux Dupioni
Size 22" x 22"

When you want a special touch on your table, consider our "Faux Dupioni Napkins." These items blend perfectly with our table coverings and will create a regal atmosphere. The shine and smoothness look and feel like silk. Select the color of your choice and treat your guests like royalty.