BBQ Grill Rentals

$140.00 / day
$18.40 / day

The barbecue has been the staple of outdoor American events for decades, if not centuries. If you're planning on serving a party of dozens or a massive gathering of hundreds, you will need BBQ grills to satisfy your guests' appetites. We rent three different models of BBQ grill and can provide charcoal and lighter fluid for an extra charge. If you like the charcoal-smoked flavor of traditional barbecue, you can rent the Big John grill. At five feet long and two feet wide, this bad boy will grill and char dozens of meals at a time. If you prefer the convenience and cleanliness of propane, we also have three models of propane grill: the 2' x 3' standard barbecue grill, the 2' x 5' standing propane grill, and the 20" x 36" griddle, which enjoys a sturdy stand and options for cooking items that might fall through the cracks of a standard grill. Our propane grills require you to purchase a propane tank, which we do not offer for sale. Whichever style of grill you like, we have them all. If you need a grill for your upcoming special event, contact us today!